Protein Absorption Rate in Humans

July 6, 2007

According to this study, A Review of Issues of Dietary Protein Intake in Humans,written by Shane Bilsborough and Neil Mann, it states…

Absorption rates of amino acids from the gut can vary from 1.4 g/h for raw egg white to 8 to 10 g/h for whey protein isolate. Slowly absorbed amino acids suchas casein (~ 6 g/h) and repeated small doses of whey protein (2.9 g per 20 min,
totaling ~ 7 g/h) promote leucine balance, a marker of protein balance, superior tothat of a single dose of 30 g of whey protein or free amino acids which are both rapidly absorbed (8 to 10 g/h), and enhance amino acid oxidation.

Quite interesting. It drives home the point that eating smaller portioned meals of less than 15-10 grams of protein is optimal. It also tells us that ingesting 40 grams of protein whey for post-workout drink is not only a waste of money as it gets excreted or is converted into carbs and then stored as body fat, among other things.


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