German Volume Trainng

July 6, 2007

Something I’ll have to incorporate because I’m on a unflinching pleateu. I’m curious to here opinion from people who have tried this workout.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure — or pain — of ever having tried GVT, it involves, rather simply, doing 10 sets of the same exercise, with the goal being to do 10 reps per set. Of course, the goal is more or less theoretical, because if you can actually do ten full sets of ten, you’re not using a heavy enough weight.

Scientifically speaking, by exposing a group of motor units to such a high volume of work, the body adapts to the incredible amount of stress by growing the targeted fibers at a pretty fast rate. And, along the same lines, the large training volume appears to contribute not only to increased mass, but decreased body fat (Hather, et al, 1992; Stone, O’Bryant, and Garhammer, 1981).

Read more here.


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